About Me

I’m Ray Landin, founder of Health & Fitness Blog. I set up this Blog to help middle-aged and senior people with tips and information on staying healthy and fit. I’ve been all over the world and am currently living in China. Alternative medicine, natural health supplements and plant extracts have always been my interest ever since I was a boy. I used to go to the market in Mexico across the border from my hometown, Brownsville, Texas to visit the herbal shop run by an old lady. I learned about Yerba Mate and other herbs to treat aliments.

During my travels, I saw what was helping old people live a long life and in relatively good health in Europe, Middle East and now the Far East. There is definitely something about medicine herbs and drink that keep them going. In China, they have been using Chinese Medicine extensively, which is made from plants and other natural extracts, for hundreds and even thousands of years.

I want to share my experiences with you in this Blog and much more…